Tuesday, May 23, 2006

YPN launches direct deposit, tax withholding and faster payment turnaround
Direct deposit is one of the most-requested features made by YPN publishers, and I am pleased to say that this feature is now a reality.

Publishers can now enter their bank account details to receive their payments via direct deposit. Another great feature about it is that if there is a problem with your direct deposit payment, an alert will show up in your account control panel that there was a problem with your payment. This is nice so that if there is a problem, it doesn't enter this limbo phase where a publisher is unsure if it just hasn't arrived yet or if there was another reason why the payment wasn't successfully transfered.

There have been complaints that YPN was slow to move on getting publishers direct deposit. However, to put this into perspective, YPN has launched direct despoit only 10 months after launching in beta. However, it took AdSense nearly two years to launch their own direct deposit after the AdSense program began accepting regular publishers.

And with this change is something that some publishers will like even more than the direct deposit feature, and that is the fact that YPN will now send their payments on the 25th of the month. And with AdSense sending payments by the 30th, this will likely result in YPN publishers receiving their payments before their AdSense payments, if they are using both programs. This will definitely please those publishers that count the days their payments arrive, and especially since YPN has consisently paid 5-10 days after AdSense each month.

Lastly, YPN also launched a new feature where you can allow YPN to withhold the tax for you from your payment.

To set up direct deposit or tax withholding, login to your account and you can access all the information and get it set up. If you are setting up direct deposit, it will take affect for your May earnings period (payment sent June 25th).


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