Monday, July 10, 2006

Can u guess who is sleeping

I Wonder how does the teacher remember their faces n names ????
Can u guess who is sleeping and who is not ???????

ha ha ....actually all billion of em look d same

p.s i wud suggest u openin up ur blogger to allow comments frm everyone,coz i dun use blogger anymore n ive moved over to wordpress...that wud enable more ppl to comment on ur blog..thanks

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China 1.3 billion and they are almost all alike. Wonder what they think of outsiders, and the rest of us that all look different!  

LMFAO hahaahah  

i think the girl at the back is the one who's sleeping..argh! actually, i can't point a finger! they are almost alike... >_<  

Silly people, it's computer altered composite image. The creator used a same face for everyone. How could you be so gullible? BTW. To them, you look all the same too.  

lol, its such a funny funny picture :D Nice one !!

Please do allow anonymous comments !! Lol i asked you once, i ask you agian ! Oh and then, ive changed my blog address !  

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