Sunday, July 30, 2006

Help This Poor Girl

I normally don't forward such post. But this girl seems to have been struck by an awful tragedy, which has landed her in this pitiable state. One look at her picture (pasted below) will convince you of her condition.

Anyone willing to support her and provide some help will be doing a great service. Please send your cheques in my name and I will pass on the amount to her.

Thank you ...


hahaahahah lmao rouf!  

Nice try! With an ass like that she probably has more money than Bill Gates.  

Here via blogmad. I think she needs to use BEANO if she's blowing holes in her shorts.

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In an outfit like that, she could bring Bill Gates to his knees.... sad, isn't it?  

XD omg! what the hell happened to her? did she get attacked vy horny wolves? XD jk.... =P  

Nice ass....mines better...  

lmao! sure dosn't attract me!  

Oh no! you poor woman! there is a torn rag around your butt! Dont you have any pants? lol  

Who wudnt wanna get into her! Shes tight, gotta gf, soz gem if ya read, yours is better, but ive been in it !  

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