Tuesday, September 05, 2006

World's most beautiful news reporter

Mélissa Theuriau is an anchor for the French channel LCI which is a 24 hour news channel. As you can see below she is just absolutely stunning! I'm not sure if she has a fashion coordinator or if she picks her own clothes, but she always seems to show up in something new and inviting daily. Not only do her clothes change, but so does her hair, with a new style.

While I have a preference for Asian women, Mélissa is probably one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen. Now if there was just some way to get her on American channels so I could ogle her day and night.


wow.. she is absolutely stunning!... she is also the most pretiest news reported I have ever seen..  

I agree with you. She is damn so beautiful! Gosshhh...  

she likes to show off her neck alot.
Yeah, she knows shes hot.
She acts like a model, like honestly - Wow...she must be really smart.
+ And she's very attractive.
Mmm... I hope they don't start picky choosing the news reporters based on their looks. I Surely, hope that the world has much more interest in the issues of the world/your nation to pay enough attention than a woman to play hook line and sinker.... LOl if you get what I mean  

She is Damm Hott  

Phew! She is absolutely amazing. Definitely the prettiest reporter I have ever noticed!  

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