Wednesday, June 06, 2007

2007 MTV Movie Award's Red Carpet Beauties

As with every red carpet event, there are a select few that steal the flashes of the cameras from the star-studded field of A-list celebrities. With Paris Hilton going to jail by Tuesday night at the latest, the number of camera flashes going off as she exited the car would blind most. To Paris' credit, she has been looking rather fit lately due to extensive personal trainer workouts over the past couple weeks.

Jessica Alba was looking as beautiful as ever in a gorgeous, fire engine red dress. Alba's reaction to stardom has been at the opposite end of the spectrum from the likes of Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan, and she is definitely on the right path to a successful future.

Not only did Rihanna give a first-class performance of the song Umbrella, but she was also wearing a dress on the carpet that sported a generous amount of cleavage as the result of a large v-cut down the middle.

Some of the younger, female stars in Hollywood made the most of their red carpet appearance, and blonde was the color of choice. The most notable were Amanda Bynes, Ashley Tisdale, Brittany Daniel, and Alyson and Amanda Michalka. This is not to say that blonde bombshells were reduced to the youth. Cameron Diaz was looking as sexy as ever in her petit, black dress, as was Victoria Beckham in a colorful ensemble.

Overall, the girls were dressed to kill at the awards tonight. With summer officially in effect, the tans were golden and the abs were toned. Lindsay Lohan was the most notable absentee from the 2007 MTV Movie Awards. Due to Lohan's recent antics, a break from rehab for an appearance at the awards show would be considered inappropriate by almost all.

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