Thursday, August 09, 2007

Hilarious pictures

Love - Hate Attitude
He loves me... He loves me not...
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Big friend performs tire-less service!
How to be a team player on the farm...
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Ever wondered what 'sorry' looks like?
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Self Hunger
What's been eating you lately?
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Hand Face
For those faced with a lot of time on their hands...
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Motorbike Surfing
'Surf's Up' replaced by 'Bike's Up' in Hawaii
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Fractured Foot or Hand?
Hope you got a good look at your foot before they put the cast on!
How not to cure foot pain...
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Baby Suit
For the man who likes to be surrounded by babies...
Suit yourself, but who's going to clean his suit?
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"If the shoe fits, wear it!"
Latest in 'feet feat' fashion - one size feets all...
Who needs the 'Emperor's Clothes' when you can have the Emperor's Shoes?
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Illusive Dice
If what can be, can't be?
Sure could use this pair of dice in Vegas...
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Nosey Bird
"What's in it for me?"
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