Sunday, December 23, 2007

Milani is most known for her large augmented brea$ts.

About Denise Milani
Denise Milani (born 24 April, 1980 in Czech Republic) is a Czech glamour model. Milani is most known for her large augmented brea$ts.

After emigrating to the United States, Milani moved to Los Angeles, California, USA, where she worked as a physical therapist. In 2005, Milani began doing modeling work at SPORTSbyBROOKS and later created her own website. Milani posed for non-nude videos and pictorials, however Milani sometimes got t0pless but didn't show her n!pples. Her videos were produced by Periscope Media.

Milani's videos and pictorials take place in many different settings such as her house, the beach, clubs, a local mall, and other public events. Milani often wears sexy outfits and shows her cleavage. In one of her most known videos, she interviews Playboy model Jaime Hammer in a limo and a public restaurant, while wearing a pink tank top, showing her very large cleavage and getting a lot of attention from the public.


Those r not augmented. What was ur claim to "no brains?"  

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