Friday, May 23, 2008

Aamir's apology to SRK

At last, Mr. Perfectionist has dropped his spears down posting his sincere apologies for his offensive act towards Shahrukh in which he mentioned in his blog, the name of Shahrukh as one of his dog's name at Panchagani. But when the media launched its onslaughts against Aamir, he found it better to apologise rather than extending the issue further to prevent the further degradation of his image.

At the music launch function of his new film 'Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na' he asked for forgiveness if the blog hurt any of his or Shahrukh's fans saying that it was not directed to offend anyone and that it was just projected in good humour. The fans of Shahrukh as well as Aamir were shocked beyond measure to read the contents of the Blog and are highly unhappy with Aamir's filthy approach towards humour.
It can be assumed as a publicity stunt which in turn brought SRK in limelight more than Aamir himself who is instead pushed towards derogatory criticism by both media and public. Hats off to King Khan who proved to be a real media figure by not responding upon the unhealthy message showing a real sportsman spirit........ Well... the IPL has taught something of great assistance to him. The actor who was known well for his mocking acts upon other stars (but of course whose comments have never been so seriously offensive) has surprised the media by this unusual act.

Finally the whole matter is settled now by Aamir himself with his public apology. The question which still lurks in the air is that was Aamir actually in a light mood while writing the Blog or was he just trying to imitate the art of mocking (which essentially belongs to King Khan) and failed to do so. Anyway, Aamir will learn that walking in someone else's shoes is not so easy...


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