Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Daria Zhukova, Roman Abramovich Girlfriend, Offered Amy Winehouse £1M for a Private Concert

Roman Abramovich and Girlfriend Daria Zhukova photo 01

It is said that Russia’s richest man and owner of London’s Chelsea soccer club Roman Abramovich failed to forgive his girlfriend, a young Russian model, Daria Zhukova, 23, who had wasted 150 thousands euro.

The couple seemed to be OK just in August, Gloria Mundi reports. They were seen together at Zemfira’s concert in “Apelsin’ club. But at the end of September Roman Abramovich yachted alone.

This story gave a reason for laughing about the tycoon’s “superfluous thrift”. “150 thousands euro seem to be too great sum of money for him for 2 year-relationship with the favourite woman,” the gossips discuss.

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