Friday, May 02, 2008

Www.CheDet.Com Is Malaysian Former PM Mahathir Mohamad's Blog

I have deleted this post (sorry for posting like this content)


Tun Dr Mahathir,

You are the best and greatest PM Malaysia ever had. No matter what happen I supported you all the way. There are a lot of ungratefull people around you.
May ALLAH be with you.  

salute you boss  

Tun Dr.Mahathir,

Only you Tun can solve the messy that had been created by the present leader.If not, we'll see what would happen to our beloved country especially to the MALAY generation.Our silence enimies are watching us.If we're not strong and united,it is not suprise that we the malays will loose everything forever.Iraq is the clear example.Being the muslim country is not easy now because we the muslim had shown a very bad example like "tidak mengenang jasa dan budi kepada yang berjasa dan berbudi."Further more we are surrounded by the non muslim country that always had avery bad impression towards Islam.Dont blame them,we're suppose to be blame.Only YOU Tun have the brain gifted by GOD to lead the Muslim world.May God Bless You Tun Always.  

my beloved TUN,

Down memory lane ,,, you are the most admired as the REAL LEADER on earth ... brilliant and smart in managing the malaysian globe ... the same like you is very extinct and so sad to see you NOT IN ACTION ANYMORE....Please extend some of your brilliant ideas again to the malaysian and specifically the MALAYS who are still far behind expectation...MAY GOD BLESS AND FAMILY ... CHE DET YOU ARE THE GREATEST AMONG THE GREATEST!!!!!!!  

You are really the greatest leader Malaysiahas ever had. Really a gift of God to this country. Unfortunately, many citizens, especially the Malays are so ungrateful. Never thankful to God and person like you who has led us to prosperity and recognition by the world over. I wish you to come back to lead us but I know due to your age you may not be able to, but at least some the present leaders should seek your advise and wisdom.

May God bless you and Tun Hasmah.  

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